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Eco for Life 100% Plant Made Bottles of UK Still Spring Water

The UK’s only 100% Plant based Bottle • Fully Biodegradable and environmentally friendly • Eco for Life bottles are made 100% from plants and filled with finest spring water  bottled at source in locations across the UK. • The Bottles are very robust and refillable multiple times and have similar integrity on the shelf as […]

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Plant made Bottles featured in FoodBev Magazine’s ‘Top 3 brands that are making packaging more sustainable’

We are delighted to be featured in the UK packaging industry magazine FoodBev: Consumers might be interested in where their food has come from, but for packaging, they’re more concerned about where it’s going next. As the recyclability of packaging Plant-based bottles becomes more important. Plant-based bottles Eco for Life’s new beverage bottle is made 100% […]

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