Eco for Life 100% Plant Made Bottles of UK Still Spring Water

The UK’s only 100% Plant based Bottle • Fully Biodegradable and environmentally friendly • Eco for Life bottles are made 100% from plants and filled with finest spring water  bottled at source in locations across the UK. • The Bottles are very robust and refillable multiple times and have similar integrity on the shelf as […]

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Plant made Bottles featured in FoodBev Magazine’s ‘Top 3 brands that are making packaging more sustainable’

We are delighted to be featured in the UK packaging industry magazine FoodBev: Consumers might be interested in where their food has come from, but for packaging, they’re more concerned about where it’s going next. As the recyclability of packaging Plant-based bottles becomes more important. Plant-based bottles Eco for Life’s new beverage bottle is made 100% […]

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Biopolymers conference

Following on from the successful Biopolymers & Bioplastics conferences in USA last year, OMICS International conferences planned to continue its Biopolymers conference series in the UK from 2016. Participants from all over the globe are invited to take part in the “2nd  World Congress on Biopolymers”  during August 04-05, 2016 in Manchester, UK.

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