Plant made Bottles featured in FoodBev Magazine’s ‘Top 3 brands that are making packaging more sustainable’

We are delighted to be featured in the UK packaging industry magazine FoodBev:

Consumers might be interested in where their food has come from, but for packaging, they’re more concerned about where it’s going next. As the recyclability of packaging Plant-based bottles becomes more important.

Plant-based bottles
Eco for Life’s new beverage bottle is made 100% from plants and is fully biodegrable. Instead of the traditional plastic bottle, this bottle is made from polylactic acid (PLA), not from oil as PET plastic bottles usually are.
The bottle’s material comes 100% from plants such as corn and sugar beet, and the manufacturing process produces 60% less greenhouse gas and uses 50% less fossil fuel than standard PET manufacturing plants.
This revolutionary new bottle material will also mean an end to potentially harmful chemicals leaching into the earth, as is the case with some other plastics.
Of the launch, the brand said: “From the word go, we knew that we were dealing with such a hugely influential product… By changing to our product when buying bottled water, consumers show that they are serious about how they treat their bodies. This change is not only good for consumers’ health but is also a step in the right direction with regard to saving the planet.