How Bottles Biodegrade


We are proud to announce that our amazing biodegradable/compostable bottles and caps can now be broken down in a compost bin in only a few weeks!

We originally commissioned a laboratory biodegradation test several years ago, which showed that in the UK, the bottle and cap degraded within 6 months, which is a fantastic result.

Recently, one of our customers in the Southern Hemisphere has commissioned testing which shows that the biodegradation has happened within 2 weeks in a compost bin.  They have tested using a giant enclosed composting bin that pushes air into the bottom which rapidly speeds up degradation.

Needless to say, we were blown away by the results as shown in the 3 pictures below!

Biodegradation in an enclosed composting bin, with air pushed into the bin at the bottom, to speed up composting

Pic 1: Start – bottle and cap chopped into pieces, approximately 1 to 1.5 cm, to speed up biodegradation process

Pic 2: End of Week 1 – bottle and cap have biodegraded down to less than 30% of original weight of bottle and cap

Pic 3: End of Week 2 – Great result – nearly all disappeared!