Our 100% plant made bottles
are available with bespoke
design for your own brand


Our 100% plant made bottles are chemical free
making these a healthier option for your customers


Our bottles are made from 100% plants
and are naturally better

Commercial Partners

Our bottles are made from 100% plants and are naturally better.

Using 100% Plant made Bottles enables companies to improve their sustainable practices and step away from using plastics which are made with finite resources such as fossil fuels and reduce their carbon footprint.

Neither our bottle nor our caps contain PET

No plastic taste, no potential harmful effects. They look great and are great for companies to be seen using, great for the Environment and great for you.

Each bottle can be bespoke designed to your requirements

Our bottles are made from Polylactic Acid (PLA), an annually renewable plant source, rather than scarce fossil fuels. The bottles produce 60% less greenhouse gases and use 50% less fossil fuels in their production. PLA is derived 100% from plants such as corn, cassava and sugar beet. As the plants grow they consume harmful greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2). Only 0.04% of the annual global corn crop is used to make all PLA plastics from our supplier, so there is little to no impact on food supply or prices. PLA bottles will bio-degrade in conditions >60° C, and will burn without releasing pollutants into the atmosphere. Plant made bottles produce an acceptable compost material under industrial composting conditions, according to standard BS EN 13432, having shown that they biodegrade under industrial composting conditions, fully compostable without releasing pollutants into the atmosphere.

100% Plant made bottles can be used for a wide range of cold beverages including water, milk products and fruit pulps and comply with European Regulations (EU) 10/2011 and BS EN 13432

Renewable, reusable, remarkable!

All Our bottles are certified GM free


The future is PLAin to see

With the strategy of Europe and the world committed to Zero Landfill,  100% Plant made Bottles are the future.

No more plastic in landfill.

All our bottles can be composted or recycled back into reusable states.

All bottles are formed from ingeo biopolymer.


The products complies with the following regulations:

EU Plastics Regulation 10/2011 (amended by 1282/2011).

FDA FCN 000178 for use in food packaging materials.

EN 13432 “Requirements for application of packaging through composting and biodegradation”.

DIN V 54900-1 (Germany)

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